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Volunteers changing the world

This year I was part of a massive voluntary community effort to build a new fully-accessible playground in our town. I played a role as one of 12 construction captains facilitating the build, helping coordinate the efforts of over 850 community volunteers. And in 6 days, yes just 6 days (!) we built a playground from the ground up. And not just any playground.... We built Tamworth a brand new Adventure Playground with over 50 pieces of unique playground equipment including a fully accessible merry-go-round, flying fox and slide, musical equipment, sensory areas, library and much, much more. It is a playground to be proud of, and one which will feature in the childhood memories of thousands of kids, including mine, for generations to come.

Volunteering for this project, was a buzz. Watching so many of our community members – from doctors, dentists and bankers to tradies – all working side by side, everyone of us with the same vision, the same goal, and watching that playground almost literally, appear before our eyes.

So what was it that made the project great? There are so many things, but the thing that makes me well up is the strength that we had in numbers, learning from each other and each accomplishing much more than we could have alone. And just proving once again, that volunteers can change the world.


You can build a playground like this for your community too - visit for more information about their community built playgrounds.

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