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Public Art


Some of the most exciting projects that I have been involved in over the past few years are public art projects, a few that I have completed by myself, but for the most part, as part of the Tamworth Regional Art Collective. The list now includes mosaic installations, murals and a light projection installation. If you are interested in a quote for your public art idea - please get in touch.

Completed projects

2021    Every Child has a Chance to Shine, Timbumburi Public School Mural

2018    Mosaic Installation, Tamworth Regional Youth Centre

2017    Losing My Spots for You, Bondi Beach Sea Wall Mural

2017    Tamworth City of Light 129th Anniversary, Electricity Box Murals

2016    Faces of the Peel, Mosaic Installation, Bicentennial Park

2016    Mural, Currabubula Preschool

2016    Mosaic Installation, Tamworth Regional Youth Centre

2015    Mural, Hopscotch Cafe Electricity Box, Tamworth Regional Playground

2015    Art and Special Features,Tamworth Adventure Playground 

TRAC group photo - JB JH KB JS ES LD.jpe

Tamworth Regional Art Collective


The Tamworth Regional Art Collective is a group of artists who first came together as volunteers to design and create an engaging art-filled play space for local children as part of the Tamworth Adventure Playground project.  To our delight, it turned out that the collective passion for art, social change, and creating better communities made inspiring company, and we began seeking out other opportunities to get involved in community projects and public art as a group.

Our artists include Jody Blackwell, Jodie Herden, Karen Balsar, Emma Stilts, Leah Dryden and Joanne Stead.

We are currently planning a number of local Festival engagements and are looking for more collaborative opportunities.

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