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Because you're worth it

After last night's scraperboard workshop, I received the most beautiful feedback from a lady who participated.

She said that her experience of the night was truly magical. That she hadn't realised how cluttered her mind had become, but through the workshop she had a taste of the "stillness" she needed.

It was a beautiful response to the workshop in so many ways. But above all it reminded me how lucky I am to be connecting with my own inner stillness through the mindfulness and meditation of being a constant creator. It also reminded me what we, as artists, have to offer the world beyond the art itself.

Without knowing it, I offered one person, and maybe more, a mirror to their own needs. Who knows where this may lead!? Maybe it will be a moment's fleeting recognition, but it has the potential to be life changing... if she wants it to be.

In response, I encouraged her to value that insight and to invest in it. To invest in finding her own special "thing" that allows her to cultivate those moments of "stillness". That allows her to break away from the clutter of her mind, and give her room to find her true essence again.

Her response to the workshop was perfect because that is what art has given to me too. I was able to hold up a mirror to her, and she held a mirror back to me, reminding me what I value most about creating.

Art is such a wonderful excuse to think more broadly, to look at the value of each and every thing in our lives. To view and depict the everyday joys, moments and situations that resonate so strongly with us all in different ways. To meditate on our own small moments and find something new and shareable in every one.

I'm so glad that I chased a moment's recognition three or more years ago now, and took an opportunity to invest in my own essential being, and allow time for a passion that lights me up. And you know it. We're all worth that much.

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