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The power (and joy!) of artist networks

It is a bit of an understatement to say I was excited to receive this package of treasures from Gary Dadd, all the way from the UK, this morning.

Gary and I have come to know each other through the 52-week Illustration Challenge and we organised this art swap last year. Today I received not only the portrait Gary has done of me, but a print that I luuurve that I had I ordered from him AND (surprise!!) an original that he just popped in the package.

I am walking on air!!

The 52-Week Illustration Challenge has brought me so many opportunities, beyond anything I have found in any other Facebook group or art page.

Not only did the Challenge set me off on a path of regularly creating again, but I have connected with people with whom I have made the most amazing friendships. We encourage each other and allay each other's doubts. We inspire. Together we are an arty/writerly brains trust. We do art swaps, we support and cross-promote each other's pages, go to each other's exhibition openings, organise get-togethers and put in for joint exhibition opportunities!!

Aren't we amazing - together!?

Individually we might carry that massive burden of self-doubt, that artist-anxiety and insecurity. But together we are fabulous.

There is power and joy in connecting.

If you are part of an art network, make sure you harness the power of it. Build relationships, connect and encourage. Be everything that you need others to be, to empower you in your art journey.

Together we can do amazing things. Let's spread the love!!


You can follow or purchase Gary's work at Enso Art - Gary Dadd on Facebook or find him @GaryDadd on Instagram

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