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Choosing to fly

Putting this exhibition together has been something really special...

Together each work, in some way, describes and illustrates my journey over the past 20 months, as I have ventured onto what I hope is a more authentic and fulfilling life. A life that truly connects with my inner gifts and passions, and what I uniquely have to offer the world.

The journey has been one of discovery, of steep learning curves and of vulnerability, as I put my creations out into the world not really knowing what others will make of them. But out there, I have found support and encouragement and family - people who "get" my work, and some who even love it.

It is a very special connection.

Putting together such a large exhibition in two and a half short months has been a rush and a panic at times, with much nervous energy channelled into creativity. In many ways, forcing inspiration in quick bursts has been a lesson in discipline and routine, and has been amazingly rewarding.

Then, the poetry. The poetry has been another journey altogether.

An artist friend of mine suggested to me to start writing with my artworks, and it has taken me to a truly wonderful place. Often times it took a different course to where the inspiration for the image had come from, sometimes the same, but most times it took me somewhere deeper. And that depth, that soul searching, and grasping for words to add more dimensions to each artwork, has made this exhibition something really special.

Parts of the collection are now very personal, even autobiographical, touching on reflection and self-analysis that has surprised and revealed me. In some cases, I love the poem more than the painting now, and in other cases the other way around, but in all cases, the pairing is something beautiful to behold.

I am very excited about this exhibition, about sharing so much with those who can make it along, and especially, for the opportunity to light up the halls of the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital with inspiration and joy for those who need it.

This Friday I will be sending out a preview of my full exhibition catalogue to collectors of my work and members of my mailing list. If you aren't on my list already, you can join by visiting the Contact page of my website -!contact/urlhb.

I hope you will get as much out of it as I have.

And thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, for your support xx

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